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IPA Europe, the European voice for probiotics, advocates for a well-defined status for probiotics in Europe that aims to properly inform the consumer and thus, increase awareness of the benefits of probiotics based on scientific evidence.

a) To establish open channels of communication with the EU institutions in order to restore trust in probiotics and break the deadlock for probiotics at EU level.
b) To advocate for the recognition of a clear status for probiotics according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and recommendations.
c) To ensure that the EU regulatory framework permits health claims that are based on scientific evidence.
d) To coordinate the efforts of the probiotic industry in the development of scientific standards for the recognition of benefits of probiotics and related products.

IPA Europe aims to achieve the above objectives by providing:
• A forum for research and discussion
• Publishing position papers and other articles
• Sponsoring educational seminars and conferences
• Communicating, interacting and collaborating with relevant decision makers and stakeholders at a regional, national, European and international level.


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