Find out how to become a member of IPA Europe
The primary goal of IPA Europe is to act on behalf of its members to promote probiotic food products and to increase awareness on their important health benefits towards key international, regional and national stakeholders.

As a member of IPA Europe you will be able to:

1. Get exclusive access to current news and developments about industry issues, regulatory affairs and science (not available elsewhere);

2. Gain unique insights into the dynamics of power shifts and legislative changes within the EU and international bodies which may have an impact on your activities;

3. Have a voice to the networking activities of IPA Europe with different regulatory bodies and key associations in the sector (IPA, EPA, ISAPP, EHPM, EFFCA and FDE);

4. Network with other industry members as well as the probiotic healthcare and scientific community;

5. Participate in the Board of Directors through elections.


22 – 28 avenue d’Auderghem
1040 Brussels

    +32 2 549 50 81



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