The EU was the top global market for probiotic yoghurt and supplement sales until 2009, but now ranks third in sales, behind China and the US.

Other markets are projected to continue to grow, and forecasts indicate that China will become the leader in production and sales in 2018.

According to Euromonitor data, probiotic yoghurts and fermented milk have lost more than € 1 billion in projected sales during the period 2009-2017. During the same period, double digit growth in probiotic sales has been recorded elsewhere in the world (+138,5% in North America, +49,1% in Latin America, +74,9% in Asia Pacific area ).

Implementation of the Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation (NHCR, EC 1924/2006) has created a high level of uncertainty regarding the use of the term ‘probiotics’ in the EU market. For the period 2009-2017, after the end of the transition period for the entry into force of the NHCR regulation, the loss for probiotic yoghurt and fermented milk sales have been almost 19,3% in value.

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